Josh Miller ’17 takes GAP year

Graduated student spends year working in tech department.

Nick Barra, Contributing Writer

Gone, but not forgotten, Josh Miller ‘17 has completed his summer internship as a member of the Blake Library staff. While many of us who knew him from years past had hoped he would be here throughout the whole school year, his position as a summer intern ended September 15, 2017, as he now moves on to other endeavors as part of his GAP year. Interested in technology and computer science, Miller knew that he “wanted to take an internship in something tech related.”

He had known about the position at Blake for some time and, after looking around, settled on applying for the position. Given how much time he spent in the library last year serving as an additional tech-help guru for many students and faculty throughout the Upper School, it should be no surprise that he got the job. With his position, he spent the better part of the summer interning for the ISS (Information Systems Security) Department at Blake, while the students of Learning Works roamed the halls of the Upper School. When asked about the job, he recounted that he would “assist anybody in the ISS department in whatever way they required, whether that be ‘intern tasks’ or ‘big stuff,’ ” such as preparing some slides for Anne Stavney to present.

Now that his internship is over, Miller says he plans to continue working and getting some general education classes out of the way at the University of Minnesota before potentially transferring elsewhere in the fall. Students that are interested in similar summer experiences should consider reaching out to David Boxer ([email protected]) for more information.