Bigger, Better

Forum delivers larger cups to lunchroom

Blake Brazner, Sports Editor

Say “goodbye” to multiple trips, but be prepared to say “hello” to longer lines. A new school year brings new changes, but none may be bigger than the addition of larger cups in the cafeteria.

After years of complaints regarding the rather small sized cups in the lunchroom, students are grateful for their wish to come true. As a student who drinks a lot during the day, Franklin Linderman ‘18 says, “I actually really like the large cups. It takes longer to load them up, but it’s a lot better than taking multiple trips. It’s a true act of God.” Soren Roe ‘18 echoes his classmate’s statement, claiming that he is a “big proponent” of the increase in cup size.

Paul Babel, Executive Chef of Taher, states that the order for larger cups was initiated “through Forum, who asked the school to buy them,” and included the cafeteria later in the process. Chef Paul said it’s “hard to tell” how effective the larger cups have been because of the “bottleneck” that has been formed around the water fill-up station. Babel mentioned that it is not out of the question to increase the size of the station, which would hopefully eliminate the chaos that is currently ensuing. The school has added a new water station at the west end of the lunchroom, but not many have been utilizing the fountain. Going into the school year, Chef Paul believed that, “people would drink more milk,” though he has yet to see that hypothesis become a reality.

So there you have it — the general consensus of the student population seems to be enjoying the bigger cups despite having to wait in a longer line. The smaller glasses required students to constantly go up and refill their water, which also means many people lost their seat in the act. All things considered, it is apparent that bigger does in fact mean better in this scenario. Next time you grab a cup at lunch, be sure to take a second and thank the lunchroom staff and Forum members for their successful purchase.