Students succumb to sickness


Josie Lagerstrom, Managing Editor

With a new school year comes stress, schoolwork, and sniffles. According to a poll, 80% of students and faculty have gotten sick since the start of the school year. While it might be easy to write off this occurrence as the school being somewhat of a “petri dish” (according to English teacher Patrick Barry) for the cold, flu, and possibly worse, the real reason for this high percentage is the stress students and faculty face. As stress heightens, the body’s immune system is compromised. As students and faculty take on more responsibilities that come with each school year, the immune system no longer works to the best of its ability. To combat this, take a breather from schoolwork and try to destress. Classmates and teachers all around will be grateful.


How many days of school have you missed this year due to sickness?

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