Culture II wins the hearts of fans despite criticisms

Album garners a lot of attention after late release date


Asya Shogren

The Migos debuted their album Culture II January 26, 2018.

Jai Kademani, Staff Writer

The Migos released their highly anticipated album, Culture II, on January 26th earlier this year. This prolonged release date only garnered more attention towards the album after it was promised to be released in October of 2017. The album was well worth the wait however, as the majority of the 24 tracks on the album delivered. A large component of the album’s success is the variety of other star musicians featured on some of the album’s best tracks. The additions of Drake and Post Malone to the album’s hits like “Walk It Talk It” and “Notice Me” give the album as a whole a very diverse mixture of styles. The addition of other celebrity hip-hop artists to the album follows a trend that has been developing in the Migos’ albums over the years. While most of their earlier albums contained no features at all, Culture II, along with Culture, adopted a more mainstream style that has greatly succeeded in drawing in a larger audience.  With 24 songs, the album is also definitely on the larger side, Even though many people share the same viewpoint that I do, Culture II did not satisfy everyone. Many of my close friends who were anticipating the album’s release just as much as I was felt like many of the songs were melancholy and repetitive, criticizing the fact that many tracks sounded similar to the ones before it. At first, I understood where the critiques of the album derived their reasoning. However, Culture II is an album that slowly grows on the listener, as unique sound and lyrics are present in each individual song.