Write About It

How journaling helped me cope, grow

Yeukai Zimbwa

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As a middle schooler, I began journaling as a way to consciously reflect on my day. Throughout the years, however, the act of writing has become more to me than putting pen to paper. Journaling is not just a part of my day to day life; it’s my catharsis, it allows me to process my emotions in a healthy way.

Dealing with feelings often seems like a daunting task, one reserved for therapists and professionals, yet there are helpful mechanisms you can employ to sort out emotions. However, when you choose to repress these feelings, they tend to build up and explode. Transcribing my thoughts and feelings allows me to fully process whatever I am going through: poor academic performance, petty friendship drama, the stress that comes with the perpetual dread of existence, etc.

And the truth is, most of my journal entries are stupid rants and melodramatic poems that I would never share with another soul, but that’s the beauty of it. I feel no need to conjure up well-crafted pieces of literature that have some profound and universal meaning. I just spill – no filter necessary. I find solace in the fact that the pages of my journal provide the only place where I can express my innermost self without fear of judgement.

Journaling helps me articulate my thoughts, be honest about my feelings, and relieve psychological tension; above all, journaling helps me grow as a person through insightful reflection. Everyone can benefit from journaling; it only takes a pen and a piece of paper. So next time you enter the school building through the west entrance with thoughts whirling around in your mind, take the school’s advice seriously, and “write about it.”