Libraries offer multiple resources

Sarina Dev, Creative Director

The Hennepin County Libraries provide great resources for both academic and leisure reading. Library cards are free for Hennepin County residents, and the library has an automatic renewal system to help avoid fees for late books. 

In addition, the Hennepin Country Libraries offer a huge selection of young adult reading material and even have audiobooks and ebooks available to loan.

Michelle Baroody, a social studies teacher, adds that, “Books are expensive so the more you’re reading it makes more sense to use a library. And the Interlibrary Loan is an untapped resource where you can get books from other libraries sent to your home library and we can even do that Blake!”

Academically, the library offers all cardholders access to databases, current and archived newspapers, and research guides that are accessible online. There are 41 libraries across 24 cities and town in Hennepin County.   

Baroody finishes, “the library is a place you can find rare books that you can’t find anywhere else.”