Bring on Black Friday

Changing notions of the negatively perceived day

Alana Foster-Smith, Staff Writer

As the Black Friday season comes and goes, the different opinions regarding the shopping holiday of the year come through. Some may think that it takes away from Thanksgiving or that perhaps the worst in people comes out during this consumer holiday.

This year yes, the traffic was not great, yes, there were horrific crowds, and yes, the lines to the fitting rooms and the cashier desk were horrific but it still did not take away from the experience of Black Friday. The Thanksgiving season has so much meaning, like being thankful for family and friends, and should be celebrated as such there are also many benefits to Black Friday which immediately follows. 

The benefits of Black Friday include, but are not limited too, amazing deals family bonding, helping small and big business. While many don’t regard Black Friday with family bonding, I do. Going Black Friday shopping doesn’t have to take time away from your family as people think. Though he probably does not enjoy it my brother and I have gone to snag those Black Friday deals for the past like five years which I consider dedication and bonding.

Black Friday and Thanksgiving is a time not only to appreciate your family and friends but the gift of shopping and the official start to the holiday season. So as Black Friday comes around next time don’t be afraid to make a new family bonding tradition, and maybe get some good deals while you’re at it, as I hope you did this year.