Holiday Movies Allow Students to Unwind this Winter

Here four movies to help you relax over winter break.

Catherine Barry and Payton Crosby, Contributing Writers

As we head in to 2019, we could all use some time to relax from the stress of finals. These four holiday movies are great ways to spend that time.

1. A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding: This movie is a sequel to A Christmas Prince, a Netflix original which follows a journalist who goes to the kingdom Aldovea on an assignment and ends up falling in love with the Prince of the kingdom. This movie contains many aspects of the holidays such as decorating a Christmas tree, spending time with family, and reading holiday cards. A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding is a typical cheesy romantic comedy which happens to center around Christmas. If you are looking for a family friendly and holiday themed movie, this is a great choice.

2. The Holiday Calendar: The Holiday Calendar is a film, newly added to Netflix, that tracks a young woman who is aspiring to be a professional photographer. While her family members seem to have dream jobs and flourishing careers, she struggles to keep up her positive attitude and brave smile. She then receives an antique advent calendar from her beloved Grandfather for Christmas, which little did she know, could predict her future. The calendar leads her through multiple relationships as she yearns to fall in love, yet at the same time, completely ignores her best friend who may be the one who loves her the most. This movie is perfect for if you are looking for a feel-good, romantic holiday movie.

3. Love Actually: This movie is a holiday-centered movie written for an adult audience. According to Common Sense Media, a website that rates movies for an appropriate audience, this movie is appropriate for people ages 16+. Love Actually follows nine separate love stories, some that intertwine, and offers a wonderful and romantic movie that centers around the holidays. If you are looking for a classic, heartwarming holiday movie to watch with others, this is an excellent choice.

4. Elf: This well-known holiday movie is a classic comedy that everyone should see. It follows the story of Will Ferrell (Buddy) from infancy, when he is accidently put into Santa’s sack full of toys and ends up at the North Pole. He is then raised by elves, but soon realizes that he is not like the rest of them and learns that he isn’t a real elf. Buddy then ventures to New York City, in hopes of finding his real father and desires to discover his true identity. He explores the New York, while facing many challenges as he attempts to discover what it takes to live in the city and fit in. If you are looking for a cheerful, light-hearted and funny holiday movie, this is a great choice.