A Mix of Emotions for Juice Wrld

Overall positive album has its ups and downs

A Mix of Emotions for Juice Wrld

Zach Slavitt, Staff Writer

20-year-old rapper Juice Wrld recently released his follow up album to the critical success “Goodbye and Good Riddance.” His album, titled “Death Race for Love,” was released on March 8 and has already seen success, becoming his first album to reach number 1 on Billboard.

“Death Race for Love” builds upon the success of his previous works, using many of the similar sounds, however, Juice Wrld also included several switch-ups from his typical song about heartbreak and drugs. Unique songs include “Syphilis”, “Big”, and “Out My Way” which switch up his singing flows and melodies for full-on rap.   

Juice Wrld continues to pioneer the evolution of hip hop into a more emotional and melodic form of music.

Highlights of the album are: “Maze,” “Empty,” “Make Believe,” “Hear Me Calling,” and “Sins and Flaws”.

While it’s always great to get more music from Juice Wrld, at 22 songs with few features, the album drags on a bit at times. One example of this is on the song “Won’t Let Go” which has so much going on that none of it works and occurs near the point where the album begins to show its length, making it one of the least enjoyable songs on the album, detracting from the overall coherence and quality of the album.

Juice Wrld is currently on tour with fellow rapper Ski Mask the Slumpgod and they visit Minneapolis on June 1st.