Mrs. Henken Leaves The Community

Averi Sullivan, Multimedia and News Editor

Signing out sick, awaiting the ability to check off the  “Senior Off-Campus” option, or marking “traffic” with a Starbucks cup in your left hand on the colorful attendance sheets all starts with a hello or in this case, goodbye from Mrs. Henken every day. Mrs. Henken, the attendance coordinator assistant to the Upper School deans and the Upper School event coordinator, will be leaving our community during winter break. In response to  her school-wide special announcement, Henken comments, “I just want to say goodbye to everyone. I didn’t want people to think I just snuck off during winter break. That’s not my style and I didn’t want that to be what people think are happening.”

Her commitment to the school is unwavering with her many involvements in managing and arranging our events, our attendance, and even the volleyball team. She has had an impact in so many ways, that it is difficult to imagine anyone being able to take her place. On that note, Henken says, “For whomever follows me, I hope you’re really organized and like spreadsheets. You need to be able to deal with a variety of students. You will truly see them all.”

To Henken, the students have been the most rewarding part of all of her five years here. The students are what keeps her wanting to be in the community every day and thus, who she will miss the most. In her parting words, Henken advises, “For the students, don’t forget all the other adults in the building who aren’t teachers, they can teach you things, too!”