Polar Vortex Halts School Activity for Record Period


Caroline Hardy, Managing Editor

As frigid temperatures nearly surpassing the Minnesota record low of -56 degrees Fahrenheit descended all over the metro area, Blake canceled school and all after-school activities from Monday to Thursday. The longest closure due to weather in Blake’s history, students and teachers conducted online school from Tuesday, January 29th to Thursday, January 31st.

For some students, even the online schoolwork and homework did not take away joy stemming from the lack of school. Cole Mathews ‘20 explains, “I enjoyed the six-day weekend that came out of nowhere. it was like an extra break.”

As students were left to conduct their schoolwork and homework remotely, the large amount of work and massive amount of unscheduled time started to feel somewhat overwhelming to many.  “I feel like I’m not doing fantastic work, I mean it’s good that everyone’s not just taking a break, but it’s a lot of procrastinating,” explains Richie Philstrom ‘20.

As temperatures rose during the day of the 29th, select activities were able to happen in the afternoon. It is expected that classes will resume on Friday, February 1st. Temperatures will continue to rise into the 30s throughout the 2nd and 3rd of February, ending the 2019 polar vortex.