Youtube Trumps Netflix

In the debate between video streaming platforms, Youtube exceedes in diversity, affordability

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In the debate over which streaming service is better, Youtube or Netflix, the answer is clear: Youtube is superior. It is the superior platform mainly due its ability to keep viewers engaged with shorter video times and millions of hours of new content a day.

Youtube has a wide variety of videos on every topic ever imaginable with constant updates. The abundance of options available ensure that every viewer is left satisfied by watching what interests them. There are options to fit every audience members with content such as: illegally uploaded movies, makeup tutorials, music videos, gaming channels, sports games, a highlight reel of dramatic moments from the show The Bachelor, or whatever one’s heart desires. The user may come to the site with a video in mind or just click on anything that seems appealing. Often times, the viewer is then sucked into a wormhole of videos due to the column of recommended videos catered to their interests.

Netflix on the other hand has very few quality shows and movies, and after these have been watched the only option is to rewatch. But when is it time to stop rewatching the same 9 seasons of The Office? The “trending” or “popular on Netflix” options never seem to change, only repeated the same shows or films. Netflix rarely adds new material, so the users are left browsing the same unwanted shows over and over again to find something they like. Netflix is now being filled with strange netflix originals that are greatly over advertised for users who show no enthusiasm for that entertainment.

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Youtube has a wide variety of videos on every topic ever imaginable with constant updates.”

Additionally, Netflix costs a whopping $10.99-$15.99 per month compared to Youtube’s free service. Rather than dishing out monthly payments that end up costing a lot over the year, Youtube offers a lot of full episodes or movies having been uploaded by other users. On Youtube, these uploaders are individuals who also use the platform for viewing needs. Both small and large creators are able to download their content for views.

In fact, anyone who makes an account on the platform can put videos on the site. Netflix only supports large productions or entertainment made by themselves. Although Youtube is not free from downsides and troubles, the site is far better than Netflix.