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Netflix’s ‘The Crown’ Depicts Royal Family in New Light

Netflix’s ‘The Crown’ Depicts Royal Family in New Light

Maggie Seidel, Co-Business Manager December 15, 2020

Beginning in 2016, the gilded and secure gates of Buckingham Palace were cast ajar through Netflix’s Original Series: The Crown. Ever since season one, viewers have followed Queen Elizabeth II’s reign...

Kelly Dayton '22 is enjoying watching Outer Banks on Netflix.

Movies, TV Shows Offer a Great Escape

Netflix shows' popularity soars in quarantine
Maggie Seidel, Features Editor May 11, 2020

With quarantine boredom setting in, students and teachers alike are broadening their movie and TV watching horizons, exploring new genres and rewatching nostalgic and heartwarming classics. Some popular...

Netflix’s New Hit Series “Cheer” Reveals What it Takes to Cheer Among Some of the Best

Series aims to expose the often overlooked mental and physical battles of these junior college cheerleaders.
Catherine Barry, Food Features Editor April 2, 2020

Netflix recently came out with a very popular new original six-part series entitled “Cheer.” The premise of the show is that it follows the story of the Navarro cheerleading team from Navarro community...

Tiger King Generates Zoo Ethicality Conversations

Tiger King Generates Zoo Ethicality Conversations

Netflix’s true-crime docuseries delves into the lives of exotic animal owners, breeders, zoo keepers
Dylan Gainsley, News Editor April 1, 2020

Netflix has been known to distribute exhilarating documentaries in the past, but its newest release, Tiger King, may top the charts as one of the best Netflix original docuseries to be produced. Tiger...

Netflix’s Global Dominance is Bad for Producers

Netflix’s Global Dominance is Bad for Producers

Netflix keeping data on the demographics of viewers creates difficulty for producers
Will Rosenblum, Staff Writer March 14, 2019

In 2019, Netflix had nearly 150 million users, cementing itself as an important part of the film industry today. Despite its success, Netflix’s popularity has deeply damaged the film and media industry....

Youtube Trumps Netflix

Youtube Trumps Netflix

In the debate between video streaming platforms, Youtube exceedes in diversity, affordability
Julia Blum, Staff Writer March 11, 2019

In the debate over which streaming service is better, Youtube or Netflix, the answer is clear: Youtube is superior. It is the superior platform mainly due its ability to keep viewers engaged with shorter...

Students’ oftentimes “binge watch” Netflix to avoid pressures of school.

Students’ free-time consumed by TV

Netflix's domination over online streaming
Helen Hunsicker, Staff Writer October 29, 2015

Netflix is a beautiful and terrible thing. Let’s be real, whether it’s providing means of ignoring your family or school work, Netflix is the best friend that everyone wants and a black hole, sucking...

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