Tiger King Generates Zoo Ethicality Conversations

Netflix’s true-crime docuseries delves into the lives of exotic animal owners, breeders, zoo keepers

Tiger King Generates Zoo Ethicality Conversations

Dylan Gainsley, News Editor

Netflix has been known to distribute exhilarating documentaries in the past, but its newest release, Tiger King, may top the charts as one of the best Netflix original docuseries to be produced. Tiger King narrates the story about large, exotic cat enthusiasts highlighting the feuds between them. The docuseries centers around the life of “Joe Exotic” the self proclaimed “Tiger King.”

The series follows the feud between Joe and Carole Baskin, a competitor and animal rights activist. The two go back and forth and as tension rises their claims and actions about one another become more extreme.

Throughout the series, Exotic takes big and bigger steps to try and expose Baskin with threats, taunts, and an attempted murder. Although Baskin does not retaliate to the same extent as Exotic, she also takes actions to try to shut his business down. 

With the name “Tiger King,” one would think that the series is primarily focused on the well-being of the tigers and the care that gets put into raising them. Although there are moments where this is true, the main focus of the series is to document the peculiarity within the exotic animal business. Due to the fact that the care of the animals changes from owner to owner, it cannot be said that all zoos are run the same way that Joe Exotic runs his. As convincing as the title may be, the series goes much deeper than the upkeep of big cats. With all of the twists and turns that this series includes, Tiger King has reached the title of being listed as one of Netflix’s “Top Ten” shows. 

Tiger King includes many unexpected plot twists, and adds a lot of nuance to expose the culture of exotic zoos. This docuseries exposé offers all to enjoy its thrilling, invigorating storyline regardless of being an exotic animal enthusiast.