Meeting With Erin Adams

A Guide For What To Expect, How To Schedule


Emily Anderson, Staff Writer

Erin Adams, is one of two student counselors at the high school as well as the Director of Counseling at Blake. Adams works with students during sessions to provide a certain amount of counseling support for those going through things that are developmentally typical.

Along with meeting one on one with students Adams goes into health classes to talk about mental health, chemical health, provide advisory activities to grade deans, help parents better understand how to better support their child around difficult topics, and occasionally bring in speakers. Most of her time spent working is doing individual support with students. She explains the reasons students come into see her by saying, “We do provide a certain amount of counseling support for people going through things that are super developmentally typical. Because high school is a time of immense growth and change, things that are developmentally typical can also be really hard. Like breakups, starting and ending friendships, managing changing family dynamics, losses, or just managing stress and balance in one’s life.”

Adams also provides lots of support to those who deal with existing anxiety, depression, and eating disorders. She  adds, “We see people for a huge variety of issues. And people don’t need to be having an emergency or a crisis to come talk to us.” Adams truly believes counseling can benefit anyone, whether or not you have a crisis. Adams elaborates “I would like people to know that I genuinely believe that every person can benefit from the experience of seeking out help. We all need some support or education around typical adolescent growth and development at some point in our lives. It isn’t only for people experiencing something painful or going through a crisis, it really is for everyone.” Adams is very welcoming and her office is always open regardless of having a planned time, as she says, “You are always welcome to stop by”.

Guide to Meetings with Ms. Adams:

  1. If you are interested in meeting with Ms. Adams for a counseling session, emailing her is the best way to find a time. Email her to find a time at [email protected].
  2. Express your interest in meeting for a session. Ms. Adams will always be at the high school on Tuesdays and Thursdays and it is important to offer some of your free times in order to find a time that is convenient for both you and Ms. Adams.
  3. Ms. Adams’  room is located on the second floor, across the hallway from the college counseling offices. Her room number is 221.
  4. The first meeting is very important and slightly different from future meetings. Ms. Adams uses the first session to help you understand what the two of you can talk about during your sessions together. Along with getting to know you better, Ms. Adams makes sure that you walk out feeling like you know more about her and the work she does to help students.
  5. Over the next couple sessions, you and Ms. Adams will figure out what you need out of your time together. Ms. Adams is very understanding and will give advice, listen, or help you problem solve based on your needs. Ms. Adams is very understanding and willing to fulfill and adapt to your needs, which is why establishing your needs very essential in your meetings.
  6. There is no set number of sessions you have with Ms. Adams, and she  believes that counseling will benefit students no matter the number of sessions.