Prom Announcement Raises Student Attention

Recent Changes Bring Excitement to Student Body


Noor Naseer, Staff Writer

As Spring Break rolls in, news of Prom begins to form a buzz in the high school hallways. While 78% of the then junior attendees enjoyed the dance last year, news of recent changes has become apparent. Many of the complaints from last year’s attendees were related to the DJ and the dance floor setup, and those complaints are being addressed this year.

Senior Martha Lucas ‘19, a member of the Prom planning committee, explains that dinner will be much more casual and as mentioned in the recent announcement, there will be no assigned seats and appetizers will be served buffet style in addition to a dessert bar and late night snacks. As for the DJ, Aditya Shekhar ‘18, will not be the DJ this year as he has backed out of his contract with Blake. The new DJ has not yet been decided, but the planning committee is looking for a “more high school friendly DJ,” according to Lucas. Additionally, this year prom will be happening at the Swedish Institute instead of the Wayzata Country Club.

While these changes seem drastic, there is hope that Prom will be more enjoyable for more students this year. Even though a little over half of the senior class claims that their favorite part of the dance was getting ready and taking pictures with friends, there is the goal to make Prom more fun and entertaining for all students that will attend. As tables are unassigned, the goal is to eliminate previous drama and conflicts that resulted from the necessity to find a table.

As Prom is a little more than a month away, happening on April 27, the decided theme for this year is “Under the Stars”. Prom of 2019 is full of changes, and with the goal of higher enjoyment, will surely be a night to remember.