Big Mouth

Netflix show deals with controversial material, provides educational entertainment

Lucy Wolfe, Contributing Writer

The Netflix original series, Big Mouth’s laughably realistic animated depiction of puberty has binge watchers everywhere hooked. Big Mouth has caught the attention of its viewers by light heartedly highlighting the ups and downs of puberty with funny and relatable cartoon characters. Big Mouth has a diverse set of characters and each individual on the show struggles with a different aspect of growing up.

By using a wide range of relatable characters, Big Mouth makes sure that every type of individual is included in the show, helping kids who feel insecure during a time when it feels like you might not ever fit in.

Some of the reasons that it’s so popular is because of the way the show uses comedy in a way to talk about topics that would normally make people uncomfortable. Averi Sullivan ‘12 describes, “[the show] talks about approachable topics with the youth but doesn’t make it cringey”. Shungu Zimbwa ‘22 says he likes the show because it has “inspired him to learn more about anatomy.”

Another reason this show is so adored is that when it comes to uncomfortable topics, it can be hard to talk with trusted adults about what questions you might have. By creating a TV show that uses humor to cover awkward topics this show has given kids everywhere a better understanding of the new changes happening without the feeling of watching an educational video.

Mason Charney ‘21 thinks that an element of comedy is important because “when you make a joke about something it’s easier to talk about.” By using humor, Big Mouth has created a platform where they are able to inform the public about sexual topics that might be difficult to talk about otherwise. Most importantly, Grant Winkey ‘18 put it best when he said, “It’s really funny and good to watch”.