New Seal Expresses Hopefulness for the Future

Revamped official seal depicts different aspects of the community


The new seal will be implemented onto official documents such as transcripts nd certificates for completion of fifth and eighth grade, as well as the diplomas on the graduating class of 2019.

Sage Marmet, Student Life Editor

Blake has not had an official school seal since the merge of the three schools, Blake, Northrop Collegiate and Highcroft Country Day in the seventies. After the recent success in the Excellence Accelerated campaign to raise capital for renovations and redesigns, the decision was made to create a new school seal.

Each element of the new seal represents different aspects of the community, school, and nature. Within the design of the seal, the important representations are the winding road, the trees, the school building, and the orientation. The goal of the seal is to be oriented upward to represent positivity and hopefulness. The designs of the building within the seal encompasses new and old designs from the original building to show old integrating with new integrating at the campuses. Also in the seal, the winding road displays a very iconic and original part of the school, which is the road leading up to the main campus. The road is meant to show the ways of teaching and learning and how it is non-linear while still looking forward and progressing. The three trees in the seal are meant to represent the three schools that came before Blake and make it up today.

In the 2017-2018 school year, a selected committee partnered in creating and designing the seal. The official school website states, “The group considered the historic use of seals at other independent schools and colleges, the unique history of Blake and its predecessor schools, and the elements and values that define Blake today. The seal honors this diversity of experiences while providing a unified illustrated vision for Blake’s future.”

Since the seal has been announced, it has been put into use. For example, the new seal will now be used on official documents such as transcripts, and certificates of completion of fifth and eighth grades. With the upcoming graduation of the class of 2019, they will be the first of many classes at Blake to receive a diploma with the new, official Blake seal.