Sporcle: Distraction or educational tool

Website promotes learning but is an issue in classroom.


Zach Slavitt, Sports Editor

Sporcle is the most used quiz website in the country and has become a popular website for students to test knowledge, learn new information, and compete against friends. 

Some students enjoy using Sporcle as an enhancement to their education. Michael Fraley ‘20 says, “Sporcle can be a fun learning tool to enhance my knowledge on various topics.” Indeed Sporcle and other similar websites can be incredibly useful for learning about topics such as geography, sports, or entertainment to name a few. These quizzes are also fun for when students are bored and can use their spare time to learn a thing or two.

However, others view it as a distraction from their class. Trace Chute ‘20 says, “I’m frequently distracted by Sporcle in class.” Classes that involve computer note taking can often lead to distracted students and Sporcle is no exception. Despite it being an educational website, it can still distract from important aspects of class, leading to students falling behind and not understanding the material.

While Sporcle can be a distraction when used at the wrong times, many believe that if it is used properly, it can be both entertaining and informative.