Despite Losing Key Players, Wolfpack Thrives Under Media Spotlight

Player Jalen Suggs captivates media’s attention


Jack Prince

The Wolfpack gathers on the sidelines of Blake’s home field.

Wolfpack’s star player causes the team’s popularity and players’ motivation to soar with the media’s attention. Jalen Suggs, a two-sport and five-star varsity athlete for Minnehaha Academy, holds college offers in both football and basketball. Recently, he has been catching many people’s attention online for his insane football skills. Suggs’ popularity in the football community has contributed to the large amounts of attention given to the team online, as many tune in to watch Suggs in their games. 

When asking Tate Gregor ‘20 of the newfound online popularity he says, “When the cameras are at a game, everyone acts differently. We’re a very loud and rowdy team and when these online platforms like Overtime come to the games, everyone becomes all quiet and focused. Everyone acts bigtime.”

The team thrives off of the media’s attention and in turn, causes players to work harder and be more focused as they try to look and play their best for the cameras and videos. Harrison Chugg ‘20 also notes, “It’s fun when the online platforms come because you can see yourself and friends online playing the sport you love.”

Many Wolfpack players, similar to Chugg, are able to watch film of both their own games and other teams’ online. This is a  tool many teams utilize as a way of coaching the players so they can see what went well and what didnít in games.

Since the start of Wolfpack football four years ago, the program has been a force in Class 4A and last year they finally went the distance, winning the state title by beating Wilmar 44-18. They continue to get better each year, as their teamís record is currently 2-0, having beaten both Columbia Heights and Spectrum. 

In their first game, the Wolfpack beat Columbia Heights 35-7 showing out with a dominant performance. Against Spectrum, their first home game of the season, the Wolfpack showed out exploding in the second quarter to win 16-51. The team shows no signs of slowing down their competitiveness and success this season.