Getting Creative in the Lunchroom

Secrets to eating healthy for lunch at school


A great example of a healthy lunch at Blake, which includes tofu and spinach!

Lachen Reid, Staff Writer

Ask a Blake student to tell a joke about Blake, and most students will make fun of the lunches they eat every day in the Blake Café. While occasionally funny, jokes claiming that Blake does not have enough options for lunch or the food is poor quality, are almost always based on false ideas. 

While of course, the Blake cafeteria does not provide a custom meal for every student, students can create their own meal based on what is offered. Instead of everyone eating the same pre-plated meal, students can combine the entree from the main lines with some vegetables from the salad bar with the side from the vegetarian line. In any given lunch, there are dozens, maybe even hundreds of combinations students can create for their meal. The Taher crew works for hours every day to provide the Blake community with healthy options that can cater to any palate. 

When students are unhappy with the main entree and instead head to the vending machine for a bag of chips for lunch, they are forgetting about the other options available every single day, including a full salad bar, the sandwich bar, or the vegetarian line. Many students complain about how the Taher crew gets too adventurous with their cooking, but the Taher staff routinely listen to student suggestions or complaints such as the infamous chipper fish debacle. 

After students went so far as to base their senior speeches around their disdain for it, the lunch staff stopped cooking it for students. So, if you are unhappy with the Blake offering at lunch, respectfully tell the Taher staff, explore the vegetarian, salad, and sandwich options, and get creative with the possibilities. There are no rules about what you can mix on your plate. Make it a challenge for yourself to try new food when you are presented with the option to. You just might find a new favorite meal and enjoy the best part of the school day even more!