Yoga Classes Are Offered as an Easy Way to Fill Sports Requirement

Haines hopes to entice students with relaxing and low commitment yoga classes

Yoga Classes Are Offered as an Easy Way to Fill Sports Requirement

Emma Martinez Sutton, Managing Editor

Yoga at Blake provides a relaxing, fun, and different way for students to earn their required sports credit. This winter sport lasts from about November to February and meets twice a week after school in the Cherne; it will most likely take place on Wednesdays and Thursdays this year. 

Shenelle Haines, Upper School Interactive Technologies and Support Services Technician, and leader of Blake’s yoga classes for four years now, says, “We use essential oils and have candles… we play really great music… it’s a lot of fun even if you don’t know how to do yoga.” 

Maia Chavez ‘21, who participated in yoga last year, notes the music as well, describing it as “really chill… it’s not what people would expect and it’s more just about relaxing and taking a break from school.” While Chavez had little experience with yoga and mostly joined to fulfill her sports credit, she “ended up really liking it and kept doing it.” 

While Haines had about twelve people sign-up for yoga last year, just as many ended up joining later or just dropping in occasionally when it didn’t conflict with other sports or extracurricular activities. She reminds people that “it’s a great environment to learn and we don’t take it too seriously… everyone should try yoga once.”