President’s Desire for Greenland is Dangerous

President would control world’s second-largest ice sheet

James Prince, Contributing Writer

In recent political news, the overwhelming wrath of “partisan politicized scrutiny” has been focused on the Trump-Ukraine Scandal, which, I am sure, many readers are familiar with. But let’s think back to another one of the president’s more recent gaffes: Trump and Greenland.

Greenland is important environmentally. It holds the world’s second-largest ice sheet which covers a whopping 80% of Greenland while only having a population the size of the City of Minnetonka. Meanwhile, President Trump has repealed the clean water act, the gas emissions restrictions, and more. On top of this, the UN recently put out its updated climate outlook. It is quite dismal. If you like “polar vortexes,” stronger hurricanes, and rising seas: this a dream come true.

This being said, maintaining ice sheets and other natural features are key to saving our increasingly fragile environment. With ice sheets disappearing and the climate changing for the worse, why would we want this president with one of the worst track records in history on the environment to control such a precious resource?

On a separate note, I believe if we have the money to be able to buy Greenland, we should spend it on helping the democracies that we already oversee thrive, like Puerto Rico, that actually need the money and resources desperately. I know personally that political hot-button issues switch daily. You never know, tomorrow we could be talking about Idaho ceding from the United States.