Senior Slide Not What it Appears

Seniors attempt to maintain work ethic in last semester

Noor Naseer, Sports Editor


s defined by the Urban Dictionary, senior slide refers to ìThat magical part of your senior year in high school when things get a little easier and nothing you do matters.”Rohan Ajmani ’20 speaks to this expectation saying,  “I kind of thought in the second semester, there would just be an understanding between teachers and students that a lot of students would just stop caring about school.”   

      However, for one reason or another, most students have found that the second semester of their senior year is not what they expected it to be. Ajmani points to the reality he is currently seeing, saying, “The thing is, for Blake kids I feel like senior sliding is just means instead of getting 97s on tests, they get 95s, so I think this whole culture of senior sliding is kind of overplayed because people still recognize the importance of getting good grades in second semester of senior year.” Sophie Hildreth ’20 is an example of this still strong work ethic claiming, “I actually still have some motivation to try because I want to get good grades.”

     While these are instances of students continue to focus on their grades to reach their own personal standards, Sam Clark ’20 shares her experience, shedding light on something that most students are unaware of: “What they don’t tell you is if you’re applying for any scholarships, you do them after you apply to your colleges, so we’re doing them right now, so sliding is not an option for some people.” Moreover, Madeleine Meskan ’20, shares that even though she also expected to experience the senior slide she says that “I actually have way more work than first semester, so it’s kind of been the opposite.” Meskan is holding out hope, though, claiming, “I feel like fourth quarter is when I’m really going to stop [trying.]”

     Although most students are still dealing with a heavy workload, some, like Sujan Arora ’20, haven’t been very stressed in quite a while as he shares, “I’ve been senior sliding since sophomore year.”