Trying Hard Leads to Benefits

Exploring common stigmas associated with hard work

Jack Prince, Managing Editor

     A tryhard is someone who does excessive work in order to be perfect or to be perceived as perfect. Even though tryharding has its benefits, there is a social stigma that comes along with the trait. This is flawed because someone should not be viewed negatively for caring too much about their work. I believe that the negative effects of the strong social stigma is outweighed by the benefits.

     One positive outcome of being a tryhard is that you do your work more thoroughly. A tryhard will likely try to complete each task to the best of their ability so that they write down the correct thing every time. The key to being successful with this mindset is not thinking perfect because nobody can be perfect, but instead trying to understand something to the best of your ability.

     Having a better outcome is so important because not only will you receive a better grade, but with your focus and passion for the work, you will walk away with a better understanding of the material than other students.

     Even though I believe being somewhat of a tryhard is helpful in school, I would be foolish to think that it doesn’t come along with its downsides. One of these is getting more wrapped up in the grade than the learning process. A tryhard may be inclined to prefect the wrong type of outcome. Yes, getting a good grade would be great, but walking away knowing the material and applying it is more important to me. However, a tryhard could easily miss trying to prefect this and instead just become grade-obsessed.

     If others just dropped the stigma surrounding it, maybe more people would be inclined to focus almost too passionately on one subject–in essence become a tryhard.