Ugg Transforms Popular Designs

Style, purpose changes over time

Emily Anderson, Staff Writer

In the mid-2000s, Ugg was one of the most fashionable shoe brands. During this time, the variety of Uggs was incredible ranging from boots of varying heights and styles to slippers. These shoes appealed to all age groups because of their variety. Their comfort attracted many adults, while kids loved the range of colors, sequins, and bows.

Over the last couple of years, Uggs have become less popular with their sales decreasing significantly. When asked if Uggs are still fashionable, Lauren Smith’ 20 shares, “[They are] not fashionable, they are functional. There is a difference.” 

Alana Foster Smith’ 22  agrees, “I wear them to walk my dog. I think they are really comfortable. No [they are not still fashionable], but if you like them wear what you want. Ugg slippers, yes [are fashionable]. The ones with the bows were really in.” 

Recently gg slippers have been more popular than Ugg boots among kids and teens. This is shown by the wide variety of Ugg slippers now compared to 10 years ago. Although it seems like Uggs have fallen off the face of the earth, you can still buy them at Nordstrom, Journeys, and their website: 

Although these boots were very fashionable, they are seen as more functional and comfortable now. When considering this, you can assume that unless you are wearing your Uggs around your house, they won’t be considered fashionable.