Junior Elle McCarthy Combines the Pursuit of Entrepreneurship and Design


Submitted by Elle McCarthy

Mythos Creations features unique graphic tee shirts.

When walking through the halls, it’s common to see students wearing clothing created by student run companies such as Buzz or Sadmon. Mythos Creations, created by Elle McCarthy ‘21, probably won’t be in the mix. Mythos is not any less successful or popular, but rather, this student run clothing company caters to a unique audience.

McCarthy started her clothing company in 2017. While taking a class at the Minnetonka Center for the Arts, McCarthy developed a strong passion for screen printing. She explains, “Hey, I know I’m decent at art, and this is really fun. I want to do this more.” This class was a distinct moment in the development of her business.

Submitted by Elle McCarthy
Mythos Creations can be found at Gear West and Martin Patrick Three.

McCarthy’s tees, tanks, and sweatshirts each feature unique screen prints of mythological characters including – but not limited to – kitsune, japanese word for fox, and lion. McCarthy is inspired by these strong characters because they represent her company’s goal: “empowerment through art.” When creating her designs, she explains, “I just go with this abstract, modern style and I put my own spin on it.”

Although McCarthy is a teen, her main audience is centered towards adults. She states, “I know of the other businesses in school and I’d say that their audience is fellow teenagers which is why there might be a perception that mythos isn’t as successful… it’s just these aren’t the people who are wearing my stuff.” She continues, “My audience isn’t my friends.”

Surprisingly, Mythos’s main audience is twenty to fifty-year olds. The clothing ranges from around thirty-five to fifty dollars. McCarthy chose this audience because of comments from her mom. She describes, “This whole thing started with my mom saying, ‘Wow, I wish I could have some graphic t-shirts that were elegant.’” Currently, McCarthy’s clothes are being sold in stores such as Gear West and Martin Patrick Three. She is happy with her company’s success saying, “Yes we’re a small business, but also, we’re doing pretty well, so I enjoy that.”

Generally, small businesses, McCarthy explains, are expected to have a negative net income for the first three to five years. However, Mythos has come out with a positive net income in its first two years. McCarthy hopes that the early success of her business will continue on and help her reach her next goal of selling her designs in the popular women’s retail store, EVERVE.

Go check out her designs at mythoscreations.com.