May Mystery Athlete

A senior softball player loves team atmosphere

Kate Rekas, Staff Writer

This month’s mystery athlete is on the Blake softball team. She is currently a senior who started playing softball at seven years old and has played for Blake for four years. This month’s athlete loves the sport and dedicates her time to it because of the fun it brings. Through practice on both the Blake team as well as 2 club teams, this month’s mystery athlete has become a three-time first-team all-conference player as well as a two time all section player. She has played other sports, including varsity basketball freshman year. However, she decided not to continue with basketball after that year, sharing, “basketball wasn’t really fun for me, and softball has always been super fun. I’m not really going to do something, especially a sport if it’s not enjoyable to me.” Bringing both skill and her love of the sport to the field, this month’s athlete thoroughly enjoys being part of the Blake team: “[The softball team is] a really good time, we might not be the most competitive all the time but it was a really fun experience.” Submit your guesses for this month’s athlete by emailing [email protected] or DM your guess to blakespectrum on Instagram.