The News of The Blake School Since 1916

The Spectrum

The News of The Blake School Since 1916

The Spectrum

The News of The Blake School Since 1916

The Spectrum

A Jan. 2023 Blake-Breck hockey game. The Bears won 5-0, with a “Buck Freck” sign being spotted in the student section. The Bears swept the season series against the Mustangs.

Rivalry History: Bears and Mustangs Share Unique Cameraderie

Kate Rekas, Opinions Editor March 1, 2023

It often seems as though Breck and Blake have always been known as rivals. The Breck School was founded in 1886, fourteen years before its rival was established in 1900. While we often like to think we...

Macanda is on 294 Grove Lane East in Wayzata. Macanda’s creators also run another popular restaurant in Wayzata, Josephina.

Dining at New Restaurant Macanda is Not Worth the Dollars

Kate Rekas, Staff Writer November 11, 2022

Macanda, a new restaurant on Lake Minnetonka that serves “an eclectic mix of global flavors in a traditional Mexican structure,” didn’t disappoint. However, after seeing the sizable check, I realized...

Class of 2023 sings “Sweet Caroline” and “Wonderwall” around the fire pit to end their retreat in Wisconsin.

Grade Retreats Aim To Connect Students, Provide Fun

Kate Rekas, Mackenzie Higgins, Georgia Wilson, and Claire Cao September 29, 2022

Senior Retreat      According to Jim Mahoney, former grade dean, and current college counselor, the senior retreat used to be a weekend-long affair. Despite this overnight tradition ending this year's...

On May 13, Blake offered over 600 community members COVID-19 vaccines at the Middle School.

COVID-19 Vaccination Processes Shift, Easing Summer Restrictions

Kate Rekas, Staff Writer May 28, 2021

To most Minnesotans, the COVID-19 pandemic has seemed like a nearly 15 month marathon since the first stay at home order was issued on March 25, 2020. For the first time in over a year, real, tangible...

How Has Hybrid Learning Played Part in Academic Dishonesty

Kate Rekas, Staff Writer February 24, 2021

Since school has gone from hybrid to remote, and back and forth seemingly a million times, both students and teachers have been thrown a curveball. After nearly a year of adjusting to hybrid and remote...

Activities Offer COVID-19 Safety

Kate Rekas, Staff Writer January 27, 2021

Since COVID-19 made a debut last spring, everything has since looked different, and seasonal activities are no exception. While in the spring, summer, and fall, it was easy to safely gather outdoors, the...

Spotify Wrapped Ends Chaotic Year, Brings Joy

Spotify Wrapped Ends Chaotic Year, Brings Joy

Kate Rekas, Staff Writer December 16, 2020

Like pictures capture the highs or lows of our past, evoke emotions, trigger memories, and package the essence of our mindset in a given time, this year’s Spotify Wrapped has done the same. As 2020 has...

New Live Action Mulan Movie Yields Unexpected Criticism

New Live Action “Mulan” Movie Yields Unexpected Criticism

Kate Rekas, Contributing Writer November 6, 2020

Disney’s beloved animated classic, Mulan, has been transformed into a new live-action movie.   Since theaters have been shut down, Disney was unable to take the conventional release route. As a...

Hybrid School Proves Far Superior than Remote Learning

Kate Rekas, Staff Writer October 3, 2020

     Returning to school with only the demanding academics and none of the fun stuff was unappealing to all of us. However, after experiencing both fully remote and hybrid learning, I decided being...

May Mystery Athlete

May Mystery Athlete

Kate Rekas, Staff Writer May 1, 2020

This month’s mystery athlete is on the Blake softball team. She is currently a senior who started playing softball at seven years old and has played for Blake for four years. This month’s athlete loves...

Try taking a short break after 25 minutes of productive work.

How to Stay Focused and Motivated While Working at Home

Kate Rekas, Staff Writer April 24, 2020

While learning from home these past few weeks, many students have most likely experienced online school’s greatest enemies: lack of accountability, procrastination, and distractions. I have encountered...

Teachers, Students Acknowledge Necessity of Paper Use

Teachers, Students Acknowledge Necessity of Paper Use

Kate Rekas, Contributing Writer December 9, 2019

Every day at Blake the printers are constantly pumping out essays, pictures, worksheets, diagrams, handouts, schedules, and more. Students and staff go through hundreds, if not thousands of pieces of paper...

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