Rivalry History: Bears and Mustangs Share Unique Cameraderie

Century-long competition provides memories


Tyler Vandersall

A Jan. 2023 Blake-Breck hockey game. The Bears won 5-0, with a “Buck Freck” sign being spotted in the student section. The Bears swept the season series against the Mustangs.

Kate Rekas, Opinions Editor

It often seems as though Breck and Blake have always been known as rivals. The Breck School was founded in 1886, fourteen years before its rival was established in 1900. While we often like to think we are far different from Breck, and overall better, both schools were founded with similar missions and principles. Breck was founded as an Episcopal school to educate children of local immigrant farmers, and it has since evolved into the respected private school it is now, continuing the tradition of episcopal chapel assemblies with all students in attendance. Similarly, Blake was founded with the intention of educating children in accordance with christianity, but unlike Breck, all religiosity tied to the school was ended in 1974. 

The Bears and the Mustangs face off in a 2002 rivalry game. A notable Bears player was Isaac Anderson ‘06, who went on to play Division One College Football at UW-Madison.

The similarities between the schools is what has always seemed to fuel competition. The school’s offering of smaller class sizes and advertised “rigorous” academics to create a college prep environment make it inevitable that the two institutions are pitted against one another, both academically and athletically. Nico Valiente ’23 believes that the rivalry started because of academics. He argues “I feel like since we’re often compared academically (and there’s no way to really measure that) we feel the need to be better athletically.”

The score from that game, a 64-13 blowout victory.

Boys soccer has been one of the most electric sports between the schools because the teams have been so evenly matched, as has boys and girls tennis. Recently, winter sport athletes have dominated the Breck competition with boys and girls hockey, alpine skiing, and boys basketball all having recent wins against the Mustangs. The school competes in academics as well, and students often look to Niche, a school ranking website, to see the rankings for best private schools in Minnesota to try to settle the constant debate over who is actually the best. The truth is, no matter the ranking, both institutions help foster accomplished individuals who are prepared to attend university.  

Several students recognize the competition between the two schools. Naima Michael-Crushshon ’25 says “They are our school rival and everyone “hates” them. They are like the less superior version of Blake basically, but they think they are better than us still.” 

Loraine Pidot ’26 added “Breck is our biggest rival because they are most similar to us. We have also had a lot of school celebrations for beating Breck and it’s been a rival for a long time.”

Currently, the rivalry is still plenty alive, but it isn’t mean-spirited. There is the occasional “Buck Freck” sign at a hockey game, but it’s truly all in good fun and in celebration of a good game, no matter the winner. In addition to the rivalry pushing the two schools and their students to do their best, there is simultaneously a sense of camaraderie between students, as they share similar school experiences and often get to face off with each other in athletic or academic competitions.