Stop Trying to Maximize Productivity during Quarantine

Staying inside and focusing on yourself is perfectly okay during this stressful time

Emma Martinez Sutton, Editor-in-Chief

As we all adjust to our new daily lives during the pandemic, you are probably feeling the pressure to be productive all day at home. Not only do students have to figure out how to learn from home, but also how to fill the rest of their day with valuable activities. 

Everywhere I look, someone is telling me I have more free time than ever so I better use it well. I read articles and social media posts about hundreds of new hobbies and habits to pick up. I get asked what I’m doing to fill the time and what I’m learning. It feels like the internet is constantly trying to convince me that I’m not doing enough, especially now that I have so much supposed free time. 

Is now, when we’re all adjusting to an incredibly tumultuous and surprising shift in the world, really the perfect time to fix your life in one fell swoop? Even if you have the luxury of being healthy and staying home and safe, you’re mostly likely facing new stress and complicated realities.

This pressure to do and achieve the most is not a new phenomenon, but rather one that has been amplified by being home-ridden. But you don’t need to dedicate every nanosecond of your life to self-improvement and productivity. It’s ok to sleep in. It’s ok to stay up too late binging a show. It’s ok to not suddenly become a master chef or fitness guru. It’s ok to feel unmotivated. 

Of course it’s important to fulfill your responsibilities and try to stay mentally and physically healthy, but that’s not the same as cramming every productive activity you can think of into your day. Getting your schoolwork done, staying up to date on safety precautions, and fulfilling your role at home is plenty. If you do find yourself struggling to fill the time, then try a new hobby or set a goal for yourself. If you can set your priorities and not forget about the small pleasures, then all of your new “free time” will be as productive as it needs to be.