Cancellation of Tennis Season Present Opportunity for Growth

Lessons can be learned from senior wisdom

Ben Lim, Staff Writer

Due to Covid-19 spring sports have been canceled. When I learned this I barely thought about it because I’m only a sophmore in highschool. I have two more years of tennis that I get to enjoy and experience. I had been receiving emails about how I could practice tennis, by thinking about strategies and having a positive mind set.

    I did have my hopes up of the season still happening and being able to go out on the courts and play with the boys. But, I wasn’t too concerned about the season being canceled. As I said above I still have a couple more years of being able to play High School tennis. I also wasn’t as invested in the tennis season because I was still relatively new to the JV team. I hadn’t formed strong connections with my team members through tennis.

    But when I reached out to Joe Mairs’20 to talk about losing his last season of tennis, my opinion changed drastically., Mairs talked about having played tennis for 12 years and how this would have been his 6th, and final year being on varsity. When I brought up not being able to have his senior season he had this to say, “I was really looking forward to having that final season to end everything with the coaches and players.” Joe made me think about having the sense of closure and being able to end on your own terms.

     But he also said, “At the same time I’ve gotta look at it like I’ve had a lot of good years on the team and a lot of proud things I can look back on. So I don’t want to let this senior season getting canceled affect that.” Before, I hadn’t really minded the season being canceled. But having the season canceled for a senior would rob them of a sense of closure that they could have been building to for 6 years It also reminded me that even if you aren’t given the opportunity for closure, there will always be the years you had before and just because you weren’t able to have closure doesn’t mean you’re whole highschool experience was ruined.