Students Gain New Form of Self Expression

Now that students are required to wear masks, they obtain a new way to express themselves

Mackenzie Higgins and Zoey Ueland

In dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, maintain a healthy distance and  wearing a mask have become the norm for health reasons.

While masks make communicating more difficult, they also provide another outlet for expression and demonstrating individuality. With so many different types and styles of masks on the market, students are able to show their personality through the types of masks they wear.

In some ways wearing a mask has just become another part of a daily routine during this new normal. As time continues to elapse, masks have become a crucial accessory in everyday outfits and lives. Similar to deciding what you want to wear everyday, students pick their masks based on your mood, the weather, and other deciding factors.

Kiana Poul ’24 says, ìI try to pick a cute mask that goes with my outfit. That can make wearing a mask a little bit more fun.î While many students can relate to Poul’s approach to masks, others decide to wear versatile masks each day.

    Maya Hardy ’21 shares, ìI don’t really try to match [my mask]. I have two masks that I kind of rotate between.

The choice of mask can actually say a lot about a person. For example, wearing a reusable mask instead of a disposable masks may reflect a deeper care about the environment and the negative environmental impacts of waste.

Masks with patterns such as tie dye or cheetah print can be seen as more trendy. And masks with a thinner and more sporty material may indicate support for a certain team or sporting event.

Although wearing a mask can prove to be a challenge, students are realizing it is a necessary component of maintaining health during the pandemic. As such, students explore the creative features that add a touch of excitement to the daily ritual of wearing a mask.