Fall Fashion Trends Away from Loungewear as School is Back in Session

Jenna Thrasher, Staff Writer

After embracing a spring full of pajamas and loungewear behind the computer, students are ready to break out their style again for in-person classes. However, fall fashion has drastically changed this year, as a result of the ongoing pandemic.

People are more excited than ever to store away their sweatpants and slippers and are eager to strut their style once again.
One of the things I was super excited about [when coming back to school was getting to put on real clothes and come up with some sort of full outfit and attire for the day,” says Maggie Bowman, Upper School social studies teacher. During quarantine, most of us resorted to loungewear, so the ability to dress up for school again makes fall fashion this season even more exciting. Additionally, lots of our favorite fashion pieces have been in storage for a while, so the chance to break them out again is very refreshing.

The piece that both students and teachers seemed to miss the most was shoes, especially for Alana Foster-Smith ’22. “I got these black Tory Burch boots, which are really great for fall because they are a nice base. I also just got a pair of Golden Goose sneakers, which I got off of Farfetch,” said Foster-Smith, excited to wear her new purchases.

As for favorite fall pieces, the classics are still in style. Bowman is excited to wear some of her cozier clothing once the weather gets a little cooler, such as oversized wool sweaters.            

However, there is a new accessory this fall that is hard to ignore: the mask. The question now becomes whether students and teachers will try to tie the mask into their outfits.

Bowman said, ìI do try to match my mask to my outfit, but it is always like a neutral color. So, it’s either like black or grey or navy blue, so I match them, but it’s still a little bit generic so that it’s not a distraction.î Some, on the other hand, are not as concerned.

Foster-Smith said that masks are more about “staying safe than fashion. I appreciate the people who [match them with their outfits], though.”

Taking the chance to experience fall as a fresh start for dressing will make going back to school a bit more exciting. If we have learned anything during the past six months, it’s that even the little things that bring us joy are essential–especially fashion.