Online Fall Play Reinvents Theater

Noor Naseer, Managing Editor

The cast of “Choose Your Heist” includes, John Erlandson ‘21, Audrey Ronan ‘21, Amanda Ward ‘21, Riley Carroll ‘24, Declan O’Connell ‘23, Aarathi Dhavileswarapu ‘24, Truman Morsman ‘23, Taggert Smith ‘21, Oskar Alexander ‘23, Emma Brown ‘22, Nora Cornell ‘21, Anushka Srivastava ‘23, William Anderson ‘23, Sophie Herron ‘24, Josh Smith ‘23, Nora Cornell ‘21, and Sarah Costa ‘23.

The fall play, “Choose Your Heist,” provided audience members with a quick-moving plot, perfectly-timed jokes, and a unique interactive aspect. Each cast member had a distinctive, colorful Zoom background that matched their situation, which helped differentiate between scenes and locations. Additionally, the frequent polls prevented the play from feeling too reminiscent of remote learning. Overall, the cast and crew of “Choose Your Heist” did a superb job of shifting theater to an online format.