Spice Up Your Hot Chocolate

Easy ways to deviate from your typical recipe


A mug of hot chocolate with a splash of vanilla overflows with whipped cream.

Cleo Kilpatrick, Staff Writer

It’s cozy season, and cozy season isn’t complete without hot chocolate. Plain hot chocolate can get boring if you’re just doing the standard hot cocoa packets where you heat up a mug of milk or water and add the packet of hot cocoa. 

There are easy ways to spice up a mug of hot chocolate by adding in simple flavors that can really transform a cup of hot cocoa. Some add-ons you can try are a splash of vanilla extract. Adding vanilla will round out the hot chocolate and add a nice sweetness to your drink. 

You can also add a couple shakes of cinnamon, or nutmeg to your hot chocolate to give it a more savory taste. These spices can make the drink feel even cozier and even warmer, especially on a cold day!