Saint Paul Winter Carnival Adapts, Provides Excitement

The carnival makes safety changes while maintaining fun activities


Courtesy The Saint Paul Winter Carnival

Above, is an ice palace from the Saint Paul Winter Carnival.

Amelia Bush, Staff Writer

The Saint Paul Winter Carnival has been a Minnesota staple since 1886 and is loved by many because it displays all of the good in Minnesota. It gathers small business owners, brings the community together by having fun competitions, and displays the undenying beauty in Minnesota winters. It is the oldest winter carnival in the United States and according to the Saint Paul Winter Carnival website, it was started by a group of business owners who wanted to demonstrate the beauty of  Minnesota winters after some reporters decided that Minnesota was a Siberia that wasn’t habitable. While the carnival has changed since then, it still maintains its charm and demonstrates why Minnesota is so amazing by allowing the community to come together. 

The carnival is a family-friendly event that has a wide variety of activities, including an ice fishing tournament, ice sculptures, a winter run and so many more. Most of these events are free because the carnival has many sponsors and volunteers helping out. 

The carnival also helps small businesses, creating opportunities for vendors to come and sell their merchandise. For example, you can also buy a button from the carnival to show your support. There is also a royal family for the carnival. It normally changes every year, however this year it will stay the same because they didn’t get to fully experience it because of the pandemic. The royal family has 21 people in it and started because of the Montreal carnival that had an ice king and queen. This year, the carnival is running from Jan. 28 to Feb. 7. However, because of the pandemic, the carnival has had to make some changes and increase regulations, including mandatory social distancing and masks. Some events and fundraisers have been postponed, and parades have been canceled completely. There will still be ice sculptures, but they will be viewed through a drive-through, the puzzle competition will be held over Zoom, there will also now be a virtual family event.

The sculptures, fun competitions, games, and fun snacks make the carnival a magical event for everyone that gets to experience it. Especially during this stressful time, the carnival can provide some relief and excitement.