Crisis Nursery Youth Advisory Board’s Holiday Helper Virtual Fundraiser

How has YAB been able to volunteer with COVID-19?


Maggie Seidel

The Blake Crisis Nursery Youth Advisory Board’s Holiday Helper fundraiser was planned by the YAB’s leaders: Jing Jing Munson ’21, Maggie Seidel ’22, and Ellison Ratner ’23.

Shagun Sinha, Staff Writer

Throughout hybrid learning, clubs have found creative new ways to volunteer and pursue their normal activities. One of these clubs is the Crisis Nursery Youth Advisory Board (YAB). YAB is a club that works closely with the Greater Minneapolis Crisis Nursery which is dedicated to end child abuse and create strong, healthy relationships in families. However, because of the pandemic, it’s been difficult to return to similar activities, an example being fundraisers. Yet, YAB arranged an extremely successful online fundraiser this year called the Holiday Helper fundraiser. 

As chair Ellison Ratner ’23 said, “The way we raised money for the Holiday Helper fundraiser was by doing a Bingo night with fun prizes…we raised $975 in total.” This fundraiser was a big challenge because usually, YAB has much more community involvement but, because of COVID-19, it would be difficult to have people come into the nursery with gifts. 

Nevertheless, as Ratner stated, “In order to attend the bingo night on Zoom, there was an entrance fee of $15. We used this money to buy gift cards for the fundraiser.” The goal of the fundraiser is to support the nursery and this task was accomplished with the profit of the fundraiser. Even though COVID-19 has been challenging, YAB has many more activities and fundraisers to come. Even though YAB has done all in-person activities in the past the club is planning on arranging more fundraisers and activities that are COVID-19 friendly and safe for the community.