TikTok Proves to be Superior to Instagram Reels

TikTok vs Instagram Reels

TikTok Proves to be Superior to Instagram Reels

Allyson Jay, Staff Writer

In late 2020, Instagram launched their new feature, Reels. Following its release, many Instagram users quickly pointed out the many similarities between Reels and Tiktok, another immensely popular social media app. Given Instagram’s replication of Snapchat’s stories and the massive success of TikTok, it was no surprise that they introduced their own competitor to TikTok. 

With Reels, Instagram essentially extended TikTok and created the ability for its users to record short videos with music and different effects. However, Reels only allows users to make up to 30 second videos while TikTok lets users record up to 60 second videos. On Instagram, the Reels appear on the explore page tab along with other video and photo posts. 

Instead of featuring different tabs to view posts, TikTok displays a single feed called the “For You Page” through an algorithm that is used to suit the interests of each user. This “For You Page” has become wildly popular and loved by many users.

When comparing Reels and TikTok, Kelly Dayton ‘22 says, “I would definitely choose TikTok because it’s so personalized to me and it knows what I like and what I want to see.” Because Instagram has so many varying features, it’s harder to find and watch reels that might seem specific and interesting to each user. Instagram Reels also lacks many of TikTok’s editing tools and capabilities, such as filters, special effects, and the ability to trim videos. 

For many users, Reels seem to be an unnecessary addition to Instagram. Sally Countryman ‘23 explains, “I just feel like instagram copying TikTok is a bit unnecessary because TikTok is only for the videos, but Instagram has so many things you can do on it now that it becomes kind of chaotic.” Natalie Weinman ‘24 adds, “I prefer TikTok because a lot of the reels that are on Instagram are TikToks, so just going on Instagram to watch TikToks is a bit useless.” 

Instagram’s latest feature definitely raised questions and different opinions, but for now, TikTok seems to be the more appealing option for users. Nevertheless, finding a balance between the two allows users to get the most out of both social media apps. Dayton concludes, “I recommend people find a balance, because on my Reels I mostly get art videos which I really like, but I also love TikTok because of its educational aspect.”