Most Beautiful, Scenic Locations to Walk, Hike in Twin Cities

Wide variety of walkable, accessible parks


James Prince

Pictured above is Wolsfeld Woods Scientific and Natural Area located on Long Lake, MN. In addition to spending time hiking or walking in the wilderness, there are tons of other activities you can do outside. For instance, Danny Andrade-Vera ‘23 states, “Nature is inspirational, so go do all your homework outside!”

James Prince, Games & Ads Editor

Clearing away the thick vegetation of an old-growth forest, a view of a creek running through a leafy valley into a lake appears. All that is around is the sound of birds chirping, the gurgling of the creek, and the lapping of the lakeís waves. Although there are many parks scattered throughout the Twin Cities, this article will highlight the most pristine, walkable, and accessible.

1) Wolsfeld Woods is a pristine, rugged park, with a few man-made trails that stretch about 6 miles in total. Located on County Highway 6 just a bit northeast of Long Lake in Orono, is a perfect example of nature just how the earth intended it to be. With 3 streams connected to the large body of water in the center, the hikes become adventurous due to the fact you have to use fallen trees, or other means, to cross these streams. With a total of 4 lakes, 3 streams, and 8 large hills, it is a small world to get lost in. Wolsfeld Woods is arguably the top park on this list due to its very lightly trafficked grounds and lack of urban life leaking in.

2) Theodore Wirth Park is a wilderness wonderland within the granite timbers of the city of Minneapolis. Although heavily trafficked, this natural area hosts amenities like a mountain biking trail, a golf course, and more. Easily accessible from the highway and Grand Rounds National Scenic Byway nature within this confine can be accessed just 10 minutes away from school. Theodore Wirth Park is a lovely place to hike and visit even when you are in the hustle and bustle of the city.

3) Ground Rounds National Scenic Byway is a great way from your car. This ìparkî is even shorter than a stoneís throw away from the Upper School, it consists of the two roads right in front of it. Wherever you see the red pavement around the inner suburbs of the Twin Cities, you are driving on the preserved road designated for the natural beauty. Though it might be just a road for some, Grand Rounds National Scenic Byway connects Lake Nomikis, Lake Harriet, Lake Bde Maka Ska, and a stretch of the Mississippi River with beautiful views from the comfort of your car. This is perfect for those who do not like getting their shoes dirty.

James Prince