15 Thoughts While Watching “The Real Hero”

Theatre team’s newest production prompts questions, ideas.

Noor Naseer, Co-Editor-in-Chief

The movie musical “The Real Hero” was like no other school musical I’d ever seen. The high-quality production, well-practiced actors, and detailed storyline made it clear that so much work and passion went into it. The link will go out to the cast and crew in July, but if you would like to watch it, email theater director, Taous Khazem. Here’s a list of my thoughts while “streaming the real hero” during its premiere.

1. The camera and audio quality are pristine. I hear no wind and background noise which is amazing.

2. How are the sculptures moving? It looks so real I’m so confused

3. Where in the Sculpture Garden is Larry in real life? I don’t think I’ve ever been there

4. The answer to the riddle is a riddle. (I was right).

5. The drone footage actually makes 394 look really cool.

6. I don*t think roosters can lay eggs, but I appreciate the lack of gender norms.

7. Remy and Ali have such a healthy friendship.

8. I love that Ali just quoted math to the rooster.

9. Remy’s coffee order sounds subpar.

10. Poetry can stop anything; don*t underestimate it.

11. Spoon! (I was right again)

12. Dramatic close up

13. Why are they all eating biscuits?

14. I actually think love has everything to do with justice.

15. I would call my mom too, Ali.