An Ode To Sun, Light

Appreciating every detail, enjoying small moments

Maggie Seidel, Managing Editor

Dear Future, 

The sun currently dictates our mood, lifestyle, and atmosphere in a way I truly never knew possible. We currently depend upon the glimpse of light to show us that time continues despite adversity and that the future can serve as a mood brightener.

Looking too far ahead, however, can be daunting, as death rates rise and solitude remains the most effective method for healthcare. So, we all have a renewed sense of daily life and also a new metric for what constitutes light. While the sun may enable us to socialize outdoors with friends at a healthy distance, enjoy meals al fresco, and tennis matches, in my case, can be played underneath the sun, it is the little moments that sustain us. 

Rao’s marinara sauce atop fresh pasta. Weather that finally permits the windows to be ajar. A notification from your local café’s rewards program that you indeed qualify for a complimentary coffee. The familiar face car in the next lane as you near the intersection. The gradient sunset in your gaze as you approach the horizon. The time to connect and truly appreciate how much we need connection. 

Although we must remain apart, we remain distanced together. So, when the future truly arrives, we will approach it with togetherness that knows of pain, separation, empathy, and joy for all moments we may share with each other.

All my love…