Horoscopes Cause for Debate, Discussion

Students share their beliefs in horoscopes.

Sofia Perlman, News Editor

While many strongly believe in them, and others claim they are fake, horoscopes are a controversial topic. Mara Noel ‘24 says that “I don’t think they’re very accurate…of course you’re going to have similar traits to your zodiac sign..I think that a lot of it comes out of just luck.” Unlike Noel, some people  may use horoscopes as a way to predict what their future entails, personality traits, and future relationships and fully believe that they are accurate and trustworthy. They date back to the Ancient Egyptians, and a time when farmers used the sky as a calendar. People started turning to the sky and the planets for the answers to their questions about human behavior. Essentially, today, horoscopes are seen as a forecast of someone’s future, based off of the positions of the planets and stars. However, there’s little scientific proof that astrology and horoscopes are accurate. “It’s fun, but at the same time it’s so random,” says Noel, explaining why she doesn’t trust horoscopes to accurately predict future events. Many believe that horoscopes can serve as a forecast for their lives, but this may be because everyone can relate to what horoscopes say in some way, since they are easily interpreted and can be taken many different ways.