Autumn Aesthetic Brings Comfort, Coziness

As fall approaches, familiar autumn aesthetic returns to social media

     Red, orange, and yellow. The gorgeous colors we see as fall approaches. The blissful  idea of sitting in a warm blanket, drinking a latte, and watching the leaves change colors. All the holidays fall brings: Halloween, Thanksgiving, Yom Kippur, Diwali, Chuseok, Navaratri and Mawlid. No matter who you are, fall is a time to celebrate and prepare for the coming winter. 

     There is no doubt that fall is a very popular season. Associated with the fiery, warm toned colors and that slight morning chill you feel when you step outside, fall has a certain coziness about it that you never want to leave. 

     Fall isn’t just crunching leaves and warm coats, its feeling surrounds you. From warm sweaters to pumpkin spice lattes and cinnamon scented candles, the scents, sounds, feelings, and images of fall surround you. This overload on the senses is the fall aesthetic.

     When I think of fall, I think of going outside in a warm flannel and then crunching the leaves that are on the sidewalk, Sophie Pederson ’25 says.  

     The popularity of the fall aesthetic isn’t a shock as the happiness and positivity of the season is immense. There are so many activities to experience during this time of the year, such as going to Sever’s Corn Maze, watching Friday the 13th, and adding fall decorations to your room.

     I love the idea of sitting in my bed and drinking hot apple cider and looking at the trees outside, Taara Verma ’24 says. 

     A major contributor to the fall aesthetic is TikTok. It has been very prominent in promoting the fall aesthetic. Seeing video clips of hot cinnamon candles, warm, cozy sweaters, and crimson leaves slowly falling from their trees, makes others want to recreate the experience for themselves. Why watch videos of sweet scented candles when you can smell them yourself? We recommend the Bath and Body Works Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin candle. The creation and re-creation of fall aesthetic videos is how the fall aesthetic hashtag has gained so much popularity on TikTok. 

     Whether it’s going to the pumpkin patch, taking pictures of the colorful leaves, or simply enjoying the season, everyone we talked to wants to be a part of the fall festivity. The fall aesthetic is a beautiful way to precede the harsh winters of Minnesota.