Assembly Moderators Reap Benefits

Malaviya shares her experience as assembly moderator

Mallika Malaviya, Staff Artist

Being an assembly moderator is a very fulfilling experience that I highly recommend seniors to try. Although it is still early in the school year, I already feel as if this role has helped me grow and change as a person. It is obvious that getting up in front of the entire student body and faculty can be a little daunting, but the club forces you to conquer these anxieties. Each time I go up on stage it becomes easier and easier, as even in such a short amount of time I feel very comfortable up there. I know that this role will prepare me well for my senior speech, as I will already know what it feels like to be up in front of all those people. 

In addition to gaining confidence through public speaking, being an assembly moderator allows for me to meet and talk to many new people that I don’t interact with on a daily basis. One of the important roles as a moderator is to ease the nerves of the seniors whose speeches are that day. This role has allowed me to talk to so many people and I am able to get to know them a little bit better. 

The only struggle that I have experienced is that the moderators have to leave class early in order to prepare for the assembly. I am fearful that it may become challenging to miss a portion of the same class multiple times, but we also have things in place to mitigate that problem. However, not every speaker has to speak at every assembly, allowing for less classes to be missed. 

Overall, I am very happy that I chose to moderate this year and it is a great experience!