New Movie ‘Separation’ Misses Mark on Horror, Disappoints Viewers

High hopes let down with unrealistic, poorly done horror movie

Gabi Marmet, Contributing Writer

The new 2021 horror movie “Separation,” directed by William Brent Bell, is a fairly scary and not very well written movie. Although it did have a very suspenseful plot-twist ending that was very satisfactory and surprising. Separation received 7% rotten tomatoes and an audience rating summary of 122 people acquired two out of five stars. Originally I thought the trailer looked very interesting and scary, but in total, it was much better than the movie itself. In short, “Separation” is about a young girl who gets comforted by the ghost of her mother, who is trying to haunt her father. 

Primarily, just like most horror movies, “Separation” is almost two hours long and it tends to be boring in the beginning. The movie starts very slow, as it’s explaining all of the background information. I wish that the beginning of “Separation” had more action in it. Although I was watching the movie late at night, I found myself slightly falling asleep during the beginning/middle of the movie.

The parts of the movie that were supposed to be scary weren’t very frightening and there were little to no jump scares. During the movie, there is a creepy clown walking in a bridge position who chases the husband around his house. Although the idea of this is scary, the imagery for this seemed too fake and unrealistic. It was difficult to be scared by something looking so fake. Not only this but the mother is a supposedly very scary looking figure who only shows herself at night, but when I got a slower and closer look at her, she seemed to have the face of a doll. This decreased the horrifying aspects of the mother, and made her seem less of a demon and more of a protector for her daughter.

Overall, “Separation” wasn’t a very scary movie but had an intriguing plot, and plot twist near the ending. I was quite disappointed as I expected it to be more terrifying and have more jump scares. I have watched much scarier, and more interesting, horror movies which I would recommend way more than this such as; “Us,” “Ba Ba Dook,” “The Exorcist,” and “Sinister.”