Disposable Cameras Make Comeback

The return of disposable cameras brings back nostalgic and new opportunities


Disposable cameras have recently made a big comeback, especially with teenagers. These one-use cameras typically take up to 27 photos and have to get developed after using up all of their film. Whether it’s just for the early 2000s aesthetic of the pictures or the excitement of not getting to see what you captured from the night before until around 3 weeks later, the younger generation seems totally obsessed. At local stores such as Walgreens, Target, and even Party City, these popular cameras are out of stock making them a rare commodity.

Madiy Swenson ‘22 explains the appeal of disposable cameras, saying, “I think they’re a lot more candid than a normal phone camera” and “I forget what I took and then when I get the photos back it brings back a lot of fun memories.” Since there are only 27 photos in each disposable camera, users like Swenson make sure to make the most of the photos they do take. Swenson explains, “When I’m using my phone I’m taking dumb pictures but I make sure to get everyone to smile when I use disposable cameras since I can only take 27 picture on one camera.” Sophomore Eloise Walsh ‘24 explains what interested her most about disposable cameras, “The idea of getting two cameras for the summer to capture random moments and then get them printed out after not being able to see them for a while intrigued me the most.” Although getting the photos developed can take some time, teenagers have come to enjoy this aspect of disposable cameras since it makes it a surprise when the photos come back. The price of disposable cameras is the biggest drawback for many people who are considering buying one. A simple Kodak Single Use Camera from Amazon is $24.99 on top of the $14.99 it takes to get the film developed at your local Walgreens. This absurd price for 1 packet of 27 pictures can definitely add up over time. A simple fix to this problem is to only get disposable cameras for special occasions or just buy 2 for the entire summer.