Ellie Morrison ’23 Commits for Two Sports in College

Morrison plays lacrosse and hockey, but favors hockey

Cleo Kilpatrick, Staff Writer

Committing to a Division I school for one sport wasn’t enough for Ellie Morrison ‘23. So she decided to commit to two sports. Morrison is committed to play hockey and lacrosse at Dartmouth College after she graduates high school. Morrison explains the process as, “I was pretty confident that I would have a path laid out eventually, so it wasn’t super stressful but definitely navigating through what schools and what I liked was stressful.” 

Morrison will be prioritizing hockey over lacrosse. She said, “I’m definitely going to be favoring hockey.” Then she continued to talk about lacrosse and she said, “[For the 2023 high school class] they have eight commits who are known to be one of the strongest classes they’ve ever committed.” Morrison is not expected to play as much for lacrosse but is still excited to be a part of the team. She said, “The biggest thing that sold me about Dartmouth was the environment. It’s just a really positive place.” Morrison is excited for the playing experience in hockey and lacrosse but mostly she’s excited to go to a school with a welcoming environment. 

Morrison is most excited for “Post game dinners with the families and supporters of the hockey team.” Morrison went on to explain more about the student culture that she is looking forward to. She said, “There’s a bunch of weird traditions, like the first time the girls play a hockey game, the entire fan section bombards the ice with tennis balls and they have to take a penalty for it, but they do it no matter what.” The student culture at Dartmouth was a big turn on for Morrison and can’t wait to be a part of it. Through this process, Morrison said her biggest supporter has been her dad. She said, “My dad was the biggest supporter of my journey. He knows every single detail of how to get all this done.” Morrison is overall excited to have a path laid out for when she graduates and can’t wait to take the field and the ice at Dartmouth!