Prosecutor Creates Conflict of Interest In Ghislaine Maxwell Trial

Lack of media attention creates public’s ignorance of corrupt court case involving society’s elites

Rowan Wallin, News Editor

The long-awaited Ghislaine Maxwell Trial started on Nov. 29 2021 and is expected to last six weeks. I believe that the trial has gotten little to no news coverage in the media which is truly a shame. The Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell scandal lasted for 36 years. Maxwell recruited and groomed young girls for Epstein to sexually exploit since the late 1980s. Finally, in July 2019, Epstein was arrested. He supposedly committed suicide in Aug. 2019 in his jail cell, although there is no video evidence or witnesses to confirm this cause of death. A year after Epstein’s apparent suicide, Maxwell was found hiding in a remote New Hampshire town, where she was arrested in July of 2020. 

My prediction for this case is that Maxwell will be found guilty of all charges relating to sex trafficking. The victims, photos, and testimonies are insurmountable for Maxwell and her legal team. However, the trial will end unjustly, with insufficient jail time because of who the prosecutor is, and because of how powerful the defendants are. It seemed that last summer, after the release of the Netflix docuseries, Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich, everyone knew about the scandal. With this in mind, it is unfortunate that now, when the survivors of the trafficking and assault finally get their trial, the public doesn’t seem as interested. In addition to the lack of coverage in the media, the trial is not being televised and any reports only come from reporters who are stationed in the courtroom. Justice will not be fully served because of the countless public figures and politicians were no doubt involved in the sex trafficking ring. These include Bill Gates, President Bill Clinton, President Donald Trump, Kevin Spacey, and Prince Andrew of the United Kingdom. These men have been identified by survivors of their assault, eye-witnesses, photographs of them with Epstein, Maxwell, and underage girls, and the in passenger lists of Epstein’s private plane. 

The perpetrators of the assault and organizers of the trafficking won’t be served proper jail time because the prosecutor of the case who will be working “for the people” is Maurene Comey. Maurene is the daughter of James Comey, former U.S. Attorney General and former director of the FBI during Obama’s presidency. Because Maurene Comey is James Comey’s daughter, I would not be surprised if she sides with the wealthy and the powerful defendants just as her father has done in the past. In 2016, during the Hillary Clinton Email scandal, James Comey, as FBI director, protected Hillary Clinton and declared that, “No reasonable prosecutor would bring such a case,” despite the fact that Hillary Clinton had deleted 33,000 emails abruptly. Because of this relationship between James Comey and the Clintons, I doubt that Maurene Comey will hold Maxwell and the other elites of society accountable for their crimes. In my opinion, the prosecutor for such an important case should have been somebody who is not directly connected to the elite class because Comey’s personal background and identity breeds a conflict of interest in the trial.