The New School Musical “The Theory of Relativity”

An update on the new school musical

Shireen Dalton, Contributing Writer

Truman Morsman ‘23 and Macaella Sikhoya ‘25 practicing the song “Great Expectations” in the choir room.

    Rehearsals for the spring musical, The Theory of Relativity, are just getting started, and the cast and crew are looking forward to a return to the on stage musical after having to do a musical movie last year. “I haven’t done [group singing] for a long time” attests cast member Riley Carroll 24. “The show’s musical numbers are sure to be one of the most exciting aspects of the performance. I know many people are looking forward to singing” says Ezra Grommesh 24. “Some of the songs are pretty popular on social media apps, so they’re excited to sing those.” Choir teacher Christiana Howell added that “one of my favorite melodies of the show is the opening number…It’s called Relativity and it kind of comes back throughout the musical. Another one of my favorites is also called I’m Allergic to Cats.”  One of the early hurdles the production had to overcome was coordination. “For a while, half of us weren’t even on the emailing list, but as of recently, everything’s been put together,” shares Grommesh. Practices are going to start shaping together now hopefully this production process is going to run really smoothly with all that’s being dedicated. Additionally, the show is unique in that it has a smaller cast, which Grommesh hopes will help optimism the production. “We have a really good crew to actor ratio right now, especially since our musical Ö acting-wise is smaller than most musicals.”

     The show also boasts a unique plot. “It’s set in a college where a bunch of kids are taking physics tests, and they are all having a collective mental breakdown,” describes Carroll. Howell added that “Its about how maybe we feel isolated but we are all sort of interconnected in some way. That’s why its called The Theory of Relativity. There are many other unique parts of the show besides the plot, like its unique setting, theme and how the music was written.” Each song was taken from testimonies of real college students and the writers turned real student’s college experience into songs. “I always enjoy sewing everyday clothes, since this musical takes place in a modern setting, so that’s what I’m looking forward to as head of costume crew,” says Grommesh. Carroll shares, “My favorite part that I’m in is my song with Ava [Carroll],” noting the songs fun and upbeat nature.

     According to Howell, choosing the musical for this year was a very collaborative decision between all of the administrators. The collaborative decision making process also attests to the wonderful community that theater has.

     There will be two 7:30 shows. One will be on Friday, Mar. 11. and the other on Saturday, March 12. There will also be and a 2:30 matinee on Sunday the 13th.